Centrex Cloud Call Centre


Centrex provides all the features required for outbound campaigns from a web browser. These include leads management, agent management, campaign management, reports and dashboard. The dialer interface for dialing, coaching and barge-in is a windows based client from where agents can carry out all their tasks.

  • Predictive Dialer,
  • Auto Dialer,
  • Preview Leads Management
  • and Data Import
  • IVRI
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • AMD Detection
  • Web Call Back
  • Campaign Management
  • DNC Compliance


Centrex provides all the features required for managing a service center from the web browser: Toll free numbers or Local numbers, CRM, agent management, service center management, reports and dashboard. ACD, IVR and CTI Customer History Database Web Integration APIs Call Queuing and Parking Skills Based Routing


The same client interface is used by Agents to connect with customers by calling them or receiving calls from them. All the features available for Outbound Calling and Inbound Service Center are also available for a Blended Call Center including common features such as: Conference Call, Transfer, and Chat Call Recording Call Scripting Whisper, Barge-in, Coaching 3rd Party CRM Integration.

Other Features

Centrex call blast allows you to blast hundreds of calls as broadcast messages to generate interactive calls where customers can transfer calls to live agents, automated surveys, polls, or alerts. Complete turnkey solution Fast installation Single window interface User-friendly management and reporting.

Target Industries

State-of-the-art dashboard gives real time insight into the call center operations just like a car dashboard. Entire call center operations can be analyzed here at the call center/campaign/Agent level to do the resource allocation for maximum productivity. Compatibility with any network and systems Cost effectiveness Plug-n-Play usability Flexible access to any network Unified Integrated contact center suite Higher productivity Workforce effectiveness and satisfaction Integrity and accuracy of data High Availability Scalability Applications

  • Market Research Circulations insurance Settlements Collections
  • Mortgage
  • Telemarketing
  • Help Desk
  • Customer Support
  • Business Continuity
  • Home Agents
  • Outsourcing and Multi-sourcing Campaigns
  • Political,
  • Fund Raising,
  • Recruiting Reports With just a few clicks,

Historical reports are available that can be customized across campaigns/agents, individually and comparatively. All reports are available in data form for further analyses as well as in pictorial format to be used at management meetings. Each report can be exported in different formats as and when required.

    • Web 2.0 based inbound and outbound contact center
    • Remote agent support : Granular agent performance reports
    • Real time database synchronization
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